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911 Conspiracy
Best 9/11 Websites           


  911 Truth

Excellent website organizing extensive proof and documentation that there were bombs planted on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.



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Above Top Secret 
According to Congressional testimony, there were four war games in progress the morning of September 11th. Vice - President Dick Cheney was in charge of the counter terrorism and watched flight 77 for several miles before it struck the Pentagon. Why did the government have the military stand down? According to air traffic controllers, the hijacked planes still showed up on radar after their supposed destruction. War games gone awry? Or coincidence?


911 Firefighter testimony

What Really Happened on 911? Hear testimony from firefighters about the explosions after the towers were hit.

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 911 Proof
 Good website with firefighter witness testimony. Testimony from FBI agents.


  911 conspiracy, twin towers, terrorist attackBBC video of live broadcast stating the fall of building seven, twenty minutes before the building fell.

 Dispatch conversations reporting explosions at the World Trade Center. Read the testimony of firefighters not released until 2005.

 Hospital bedside interview with 911 survivor.

Best 911 Videos

Coincidence or Conspiracy?  The  911 scenerio is fortold in an episode of the X-Files episode just months before the attack.  The Illuminati have a "moral code" that they follow.  They believe that it is their duty to forewarn of what they are going to do before they do it.  They then are absolved of any guilt of their actions.  They feel that if we are not "Illuminated" enough or too dumb to understand it- well they've done their duty. 

This video is a close up frame by frame study of the plane hitting the first tower of the World Trade Center. This video shows a high tech explosion before the nose of the plane actually hits the tower. Study this footage for yourself.

YouTube Video

 Video proof that bombs were planted at the World Trade Center.




 Expert testimony given about explosions at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Video documentary on the 911 attacks.  Contains footage of the attacks and news reports. 

This video asks questions that the 911 commission ignored.  Must see video.  Asks why the United States spent 40 million dollars to investigate the Clinton/Monica scandal and only spent $600,000 on investigating the terrorist attacks on 911. 


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