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Alien, Alien evidence in cave paintingsThis is the oldest cave painting depicting an alien.  It was found in France is dated between 17,000 to 15,000 B.C. depicts a figure which is not human.  The presence of UFOs indicates that this figure is an alien from one of the craft.  The figure has a bulbous head and resembles a grey or reptilian alien.  This figure has a tail and several appendages.
alien evidence, aliens in cave paintings Ancient Aliens in Artwork, Alien Evidence

These three paintings are from about 3,000 B.C. They were found in Kimberly, Australia The Australian Aborigines call these alien figures Wandginas.

Alien Evidence, aliens in cavepaintings
Alien, Alien in cave paintingThis petroglyph is dated around 6,000 B.C. was found in North Africa.  The alien is dressed in a spacesuit with a helmet.  The saucer-shaped UFO in the sky helps to clarify that this figure is an alien. 
Alien, Alien in Cave paintingThis cave painting from about 2,000 B.C. was found in a cave near the Chinese-Russian border.  There are two aliens in the painting.  One in a space suit complete with helmet and antenae.  A saucer-shaped UFO is seen above the alien figure.  In the foreground there is a helmeted figure with what appears to be an electrical plug protruding from it. 
Alien, Alien evidenceThis painting looks like it came straight out of a 1950's comic book.  Yet, it is over 3,000 years old.  This painting depicts an alien in an astronaut suit with a saucer-shaped UFO.  At the top of the painting is a drawing that looks like a vortex or a wormhole, further indicating that this alien is not from this dimension. 
Alien Alien evidence, Iraqi sculptures of aliensAlien statues from 4,500-5,000 B.C, these Alien reptilian
figures were found in Iraq.  The figures are an odd hybrid mis of humans and reptiles. 
Alien, Alien evidence, ancient astronauts, alien petroglyphsSego Canyon Utah about 5,500 B.C.  This petroglyph gives us the strongest of ancient alien evience.  These alien figures are clad in outfits that are very similar to what our astronauts wear today.   
Alien, Ancient alien evidence, Russian alien sculptureAlien figure from Kiev, Russia dated 4,000 B.C.  This alien figure has a space suit with jointed elbows and a helmet. 

 Are we alone?  Or Aliens walking among us.  With the nuclear bombing of Japan, there has been an exponential growth in technology.  This release of energy allowed alien life to find us.    This alien video explores the "Blue Planet Project"  which explains why aliens are abducting humans and mutilating cattle.   "The Blue Planet Project," names secret groups which have orchestrated the cover-up of UFOs and the interchange of information and technology.  The publication states that treaties were formed with aliens. There are over 150 species of aliens who visited Earth, the greys, the nordics and the reptilians.   The Blue Planet Project describes the malevolent aliens, reptoids, who need to consume human blood and fluids to survive.  Near Dulce New Mexico there is a hidden base underneath the Apache Indian reservation.  Native Americans have reported  seeing strange lights, ufos and unearthly beings.  The base is seven stories deep and houses different species of aliens. It is alleged that 18,000 aliens live at Dulce.   The pact between the aliens and our military includes invitro-fertilization, human mind control experiments, cold storage of humanoids, and alien housing.
 The author of the "Blue Planet Project" says that the main reason for abduction is interbreeding of humans.   

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