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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged

John Todd on Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand wrote Atas Shrugged in 1956. She was the girlfriend of Phillip Rothchild, an alleged Illuminati leader. John Todd said talking about Atlas Shrugged, "It was written written as a novel, supposedly. But it is a code book. Within the book is a step by step plan to take over the whole world by taking over the United States."
According to Todd the Illuminati will gain control of the world by bankrupting their own businesses. The idea is to bankrupt the whole world making money worth nothing all over the world. At that point people will be so desperate that they are looking for any answer. In the end they follow the symbol of the dollar sign back to recovery. Then the Illuminati will come back and solve the financial crisis and take control of the Earth.
After reading the densly written first six pages of the book, I am convinced that John Todd is correct in that Atlas Shrugged is a code book laying out the Illuminati plan. When the book was published in 1957, no one could have seen the 911 connection, because the events had not come to pass. On the second page of Atlas Shrugged, the author talks about a calendar that is suspended between two skyscrapers in New York depicting a date suspended in the sky. The date was September 2. The protagonist never liked the date of the calendar and looks away because of the uneasy feeling that it conjures. "He thought suddenly that there was some phrase, a kind of quotation, that expressed what the calendar seemed to suggest. But he could not recall it. He walked groping for a sentence that hung in his mind as an empty shape. He could neither fill it nor dismiss it. He glanced back. The white rectangle stood above the roofs, saying in immovable finality: September 2." When I read this passage, immediately 911 came to mind. I could not have created a better description of what the phrase 911 means, or the emotion the phrase elicits. Ayn Rand prophetically described the date and the horror associated with the phrase that every American who lived through 911 feels even today.
Immediately after this the protagonist sees a vegetable stand in a doorway selling fresh fruit, and a clean white curtain blowing in a window and feels reassured, but wonders "...why he felt the inexplcable wish that these things were not left in the open, unprotected against the empty space above." This passage is cryptic, denoting that we should fear the heavens, or somehow have to protect our food and the air that would be blown in through an open window.
On pages three and four the protagonist remember his childhood and the revelation of the old oak tree he thought to be immovable , even by giants, was struck by lightning splaying it in half. Inside the immovable oak the protagonist, Eddie Willers can see that the tree was hollow and empty. The betrayal he feels is so strong that he never speaks of it to anyone.
The Oak Tree represents the United States. He describes the tree, "Its roots clutched the hll like a fist with fingers sunk into the soil, and he thought that if a giant were to seize it by the top, he would not be able to uproot it, but would swing the hill and the whole of the earth with it." This passage aptly describes the financial and technological power of the United States. The reference to giants is interestingly coincidental, or perhaps not. Perhaps the reference is purposeful warning us of the return of the Nephilim. This is also the second reference to lightning in the book. The first describes, "High o the side of a tower ther was a crack in the shape of motionless lightning, the length of ten stories." The second reference to lightning splits the oak tree in half.

The Illuminati are tied to Babylon and Nimrod myths.  These bloodlines exist today.  Skull and bones  and secret societies linked to Illuminati plans to form a New World Order.  Knights Templar history and links to the Illuminati.  Marovinian bloodlines and links to the Morman church.

Jordan Maxwell talks on the Illuminati and Illuminati symbols.   The number 13 and its significance is explained.  See Bohemian owl on the dollar bill.   In 1944 the Federal Reserve Bank took over our monetary system.
 This video starts with the Sumarian and Babalonian societies which believe that the are decended from the Annunaki.  These bloodlines are trace throughout history leading to the present day.   The  present day practices at the Bohemian Grove honor these "Serpent Gods."
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