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Cattle Mutillations

Cattle Mutilation

Cattle Mutlilation began in the U.S. in the early 1960's.  But the cattle mutilation phenomenon attention in 1967 when a horse was found mutilated in Colorado.  The horse was deskinned and drained of blood.  At the site of the horse mutilation there was a medicinal smell in the air.  A witness reported seeing strange lights in the sky, linking the cattle mutilations to UFOs.  Newspapers and the Associated Press reported the mutilation of the horse.  With word spreading, cattle mutilations began being reported.  By the 1970's there were reports of cattle mutilation in 15 states.  With over 130 cattle mutilation reports from Colorado alone, Senator Haskall asked the FBI to investigate.  Cattle mutlilations involved the eyes, tongue, genitals and rectum.  The cuts were made with precision and were bloodless as if the wound had been cauderized. 

Cattle Mutalation

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4.  FBI vault - Government documents regarding cattle mutilations from the 1970s.  Great primary accounts of cattle mutilation for skeptics. 
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