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Chemtrails and Weather

Chem Trails and Weather


Chemtrails are Geoengineering and Chemical Engineering

Chemtrails Exposed by Former FBI Chief

Chemtrail Pilot Writes Last Chance

  This is an increasing sight across not only the United States but the World.  Our children will not know what a normal cloudy sky, or a blue sky will look like because of the chemtrails criss crossing the sky.  Airplanes normally leave a contrail.  A contrail is made from the water in the airplane exhaust which dissapates in minutes.  The way we know that these are chemtrails is that the do not dissapate.  The fake cloud grow and expand and do not go away for hours.  We know some of what they are putting in the sky because the chemicals have fallen down to the ground where the particulates can be tested.  High levels of aluminum and barium have been found.  Barium has been found in levels 6 times the normal levels in chemtrail samples.  Barium depletes potassium levels in the body.  Potassium is essential for heart health.  Aluminum, also a heavy metal can affect the central nervous system and cause memory loss. 
 I live near a major US. airport, and can attest to the intermittent criss crossing pattern of these chemtrails across the skies.  Not all planes leave chemtrails.  Some emit the normal contrails, I have seen all of my life.  These chemtrails are made at different altitudes and can be seen even over our nation's capitol. If these chemtrails are harmful to our health, whatever benefit that they provide must significantly outweigh the harm of chemtrail fallout. Our Senators and Representatives are being doused with chemtrails on a daily basis also.   
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