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chemtrails, geoengineering, chemtrail conspiracyChemtrail Conspiracy
Happening today, perhaps right over your head, why are they spraying chemicals in the air?  These are not normal contrails that we saw as children, but lines of chemical spraying of barium and aluminum salts.  Today this abnormal criss cross pattern fills the sky, not only in the United States, but Europe too.  What we call chemtrails, they call geoengineering.  Can they control the weather with these chemtrails?  Do these chemtrails ionize the atmosphere in order to facilitate the HAARP project?  Find out what is going on in our skies.

denver airport, denver airport mural, denver airport conspiracyThe Denver Airport Conspiracy
The New World Airport Commission has a dedication stone for the airport in the Grand Hall of the Denver Airport.  What is the conspiracy?  There is no New World Airport Commission.  Is this airport the Western center in case of disaster?  Grotesque murals welcome visitors with soldiers in gas masks and children in coffins, (all paid for by Colorado citizens).  Is this the center for a New World government?  Find out more about the construction of Denver Airport that has raised eyebrows and fueled the conspiracy.

Secrets of Washington DC, Satanic symbols dc, masonic symbolsThe Secrets of Washington D.C. 
The city of Washington D.C. was designed and planned by Freemasons.  The street layout and building positions are symbolic.  The secret is that these symbols are Satanic symbols.  Washington D. C. is one of three city states in the world.  Each one of these three city states has an Egyptian Obelisk.  The obelisk is a phallic symbol representing the mythological part of Osiris that Isis is still looking for after he was killed and his body parts were scattered all over the world.  The Isis/goddess figure stands atop the Capital building coincidentally.

Banking conspiracy, derivatives, The Banking Conspiracy
Find out what a derivative is and why they destroyed the housing market, our economy and the world economy.  Why did they purposely repeal the Glass-Steigle Act?  Have we learned nothing since the Stock Market Crash?  After a $1.5 trillion dollar bailout split between the Republican president, Bush and the Democratic president, Obama, derivatives are still legal and continue to this day.  How?  Now they are speculating and gambling on our food.

911, 911 conspiracy, The 911 Conspiracy

The conspiracy theory is that 911 was a terrorist plot by the Illuminati, not Osama Bin Laden.  The destruction of the Twin Towers was foretold in the 1995 Illuminati card game.  Multiple explosions were heard by witnesses, not coming from above, but below.  These explosions and the subsequent collapse of the building are consistent will a controlled demolition.  President Bush talked about when the explosives went off.  Osama Bin Laden denied any involvement in the bombing cryptically indicating it was a secret group working within the government itself, (Illuminati).

conspiracy, conspiracy theories, conspiracies, the mother of all conspiracies

The Mother of All Conspiracies
The definition of a conspiracy is to plot together to keep a secret.  That is exactly what the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta have done.  But what is the secret they are keeping?  They are keeping the secret of the biggest conspiracy of all time, not an earthly conspiracy, but a spiritual one.  This is the conspiracy that ties together all of the conspiracies throughout time.  Find out how UFOs, the Illuminati, the Masons, the New World Order and the Nephilim are tied together into the ultimate conspiracy.  Discover what UFOs really are and what part they will play in the "great deception" as told in the Book of Revelation.

Hastings ConspiracyHastings conspiracy theories won't die - killed at age 33.
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