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Crop Circles

Crop circles are an enigma.  There is little known about them.  Some hoaxers have come forward to claim responsibility for making some of them.  There are some commonalities and anomalies that investigators find in studying crop circles.  The first commonality is that the crops are bent and not broken.  Another commonality is that there is no sign of ingress or egress to the crop circle on the ground.   The plants in crop circles are affected physically and genetically.  The nodes on the stems of plants in crop circles are elongated.  See photo below.
crop circle, stem nodes

Inside the node cells there are pit holes, indicating flash heating - an intense heat in a micro-second.  Plants in crop circles have been found to have a thin layer of carbon coating them.  There are magnetic anomalies found in crop circles.  Magnetic readings on compasses are off inside the circle and return to normal outside of the circle.  Increased radiation levels as high as 198% above control samples have been found.  The rare isotopes of vanadium, europium, telluvium, and ytterbium have been found, stumping scientists. 
Some odd affects of crop circles have been reported.  In two experiments clocks have lost and or gained time when placed in crop circles.  People walking into crop circles become nauseated or dizzy.  Some women have reported a sudden onset of their menses inside crop circles.  While some men report arousal inside crop circles. 

The Best Crop Circle Story Ever

In 1974 Carl Sagan designed a graphic binary message for NASA to send into space.  He coded the message to include our numbering system, what elements we are made of, formulas for the nucleotide of our DNA, our two strand DNA helix, our average height, world population, where we are located in our solar system and the instrument for sending the message.  Please see the chart below to read the message that Carl Sagan sent. 
crop circle, carl sagan message
crop circle, alien face crop circleOn August 14, 2001 this crop circle appeared in a field near the Chilbolten Observatory, Britain's largest radio telescope.  This alien face is two dimensional and has similar features to humans.  This crop circle is different from any others before it.  Just three days later another crop circle appeared in a field near this one.  It was a response to Carl Sagan's message 27 years ago. 
crop circle, extraterrestrial message
In August, 2001, twenty-seven years later an answer to Carl Sagan's message arrived in the form of a crop circle mirroring the format of Mr. Sagan's graphic binary message.  You can clearly see the similarities in the messages.  The message in the crop circle from extra-terrestrials indicates that they use the same numbering system.  Instead of a carbon based planet, theirs is silicon.  Instead of a double-helix DNA structure, theirs is a triple-helix DNA structure.  They reported their average height to be four feet tall.  There population is 21.3 billion.  The message indicates that in their solar system they have civilizations on the third, fourth and fifth planets from their sun.  The final difference is instead of sending their message from a radio transmitter, they have sent their message from a large unknown technology.  (It resembles a Tie-fighter from Star Wars)

A year later in a field in Hampshire, England, a clear picture of a grey alien appeared with a disc in hand.  This crop circle was also different from all of its predecessors.  This image was three dimensional made with lines of varying thickness.  The circular disc is written in binary code.  Paul Vigay, an IT programmer decoded the message which reads as follows:
"Beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.  Much pain, but there is still time.  There is good out there.  We oppose deception."   

The message leaves one with several questions.  What gifts are they talking about?  What promises were made and to who?  What faction is bad out there?
2005 England
croptriangle circle
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