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Denver Airport

What is the Denver International Airport Conspiracy?
The Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theory is that the airport is the safe harbor for the elite in a prophetic doomsday scenerio.  
Denver International Airport Conspiracy Facts
  • The Airport was completely unnecessary and inconvenient for residents. it is twice the size of Manhattan.  It has less runways and gates than the Stapleton Airport, which was forced to close after the opening of Denver International.  
  • The Airport was 2 billion dollars over budget and 16 months behind schedule.
  • There is a dedication stone from the Masons for the New World Airport Commission.  It is also a time capsule.  A strange key pad is affixed above the capstone.  
  • Ghastly Murals greet passengers depicting war and the death of children, fiery towers, people in glass caskets, a soldier wearing a gas mask with a machete piercing a dove.  (These murals were painted and commissioned before the legalization of marijuana.)
  • Gargoyle demon-like creatures coming out of suitcases don the walls.
  • A statue of a blue mustang with glowing red eyes welcomes passangers to the airport.  This statue fell on its sculptor, crushing him to death.  
  • The runway is layed out in the shape of a swastika.  
  • There is over 5300 miles of fiber optic cable for the communication system and over 11,000 miles of copper wire.  
  • There is a 28 mile fuel system that can pump 1,000 gallons of jet fuel per minute.
  • There are 19 miles of underground transportation with roads big enough to drive trucks through.  
  • Buildings were constructed, abandoned and buried.
  • The tent-like roof is made of 15 acres of fiber glass which has been teflon coated.  This makes the building reflective and invisible to radar and gives no heat signatures.  This is overkill for an airport, but not a military installation.
  • The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth has purchased vast quantities of land in the surrounding area.  

Denver International Airport - Creepy Murals

Death, Destruction, Animal Extinction and Children.  What are these bizarre murals trying to say.  In this mural the extinct Auk is encased in glass from a museum exhibit.  The leopard lay dead and the children mourn.  The boy in the center spreads his hands as if asking "Why?".  A stuffed and mounted buffalo head looks down upon the ghastly scene while the forest burns toward them.  A Mayan girl holds a broken stone with ancient glyphs, while the quetzel bird is encased above their heads.  If you look closely there is a "3" in the fire.  Could this be a clue that this was the result of a futuristic WWIII?  Is this an outrageous warning to humanity? Prophecy?  Did the good citizens of Denver pay for this warning?  Welcome to the Denver International Airport conspiracy.  
This conspiracy is right out in the open for the public to see.  Millions of visitor's pass through Denver Airport each year and never realize that they are in a stronghold for the New World order.  The signs are all there in plain sight.  A plaque dedicated by the "Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Colorado Freemasons and the New World Airport Commission stands in the "Great Hall" .    Why are the Masons dedicating a time capsule containing messages to the people of Colorado to be opened in 2094?   What is the New World Airport Commission?  Sounds official doesn't it?  However, the New World Airport Commission does not exist.


Denver Airport and The New World Order



Forbidden Knowledge 
The most blatent symbolism linking the Freemasons/Illuminati to the Denver Airport is the cornerstone depicting the masonic square and compass.  The cornerstone is dedicatd by the New World  Airport Commission.  The New World Airport Commission does not exisist - at least not as a company, charitable institution or government agency today.  The capstone was dedicated 3/19/1994.  If you add up all of the numbers in the dedication date  March 1+9+1+9+ 9 +4  you get the number 33.  Thirty three is an important number in Freemasonry.  It represents perfection and the highest degree in Masonry you can hold.

  illuminati, illuminati seal of colorado


Colorado continues to show up at the heart of the New World Order Conspiracy.  Denver Airport has enigmatic symbology throughout the airport.  A huge blue stallion sculpture with red glowing eyes greats visitors as they drive to the gates.  Many Denver residents refer to the horse as the Devil Horse or Satan's Stallion.  The City of Denver commissioned artist Luis Jimenez to create the sculpture in 1992.  The cost ws $300,000.  The artist, Luis Jimenez was killed when part of the sculpture collapsed and fell upon him.  This pale blue Mustang proved to be the Destroyer and Bringer of Death to its artist.  Over 7,000 residents of Denver started a facebook petition to remove the ominous sculpture.  The sculpture remains today "welcoming" guests.
 Denver Airport, Denver Airport Murals 
Denver residents tax dollars paid for this mural at Denver Airport.  In the background you can see the twin towers broken and burnng on the right.  Mothers with dead babies on the left.  A little girl lying dead in a coffin and a futuristic military soldier holding a machine gune and a sword with its tip studk in a dove's butt.  You can see the unnatural rainbow path of light streaking through the dakened sky.  The scene is just down right scary.


Denver Airport runway shaped like a schwa sticka


  Anomalies Unlimited
 The Denver airport is configured in the shape of a swastika.  This is a symbol of the cult of the rising sun.  Find out more about the anomalies at the Denver Airport.


Extraordinary Denver Airport Murals and VideoIntelligence
The following link is a great source of pictures of the the murals at the Denver Airport. This is a great site to study the murals. The meaning of the murals is explained. 
The murals are disturbing.  They have been contraversial as soon as they were unveiled.  In what galaxy do these murals make visiters to the Denver Airport feel welcome to the Denver Area.

 Denver Airport, Denver Airport StallionSinister Sites

Explains all of the illuminati/masonic symbolism at the Denver Airport. 



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