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Human Hybrid Cow

hybrid human cow, human hybridHuman Hybrid Cows
These cows have been genetically altered with human DNA.  The intent is to have the cow produce human milk which would eliminate lactose intolerance and allergies to milk as well as human proteins which would fight infection and disease.  Scientist from China have already genetically engineered 300 dairy cows that produce nutrients and proteins found in human milk.  Scientists introduced human genes which contain human milk properties into the embryos of Holstein cows.  The embryos were then implanted into surrogate cows.  Scientists intend to commercialize their "human cow's milk.  They think that they are about 10 years away from consumers buying this milk on the grocery store shelves. Professor Ning Li, says, "The milk tastes stronger than normal milk." 


You tube video on Human Cows.  These cows contain human DNA which is being harvested in order to produce human antibodies.  These cows are held stationary for up to two hours and drained of up to 10 liters of blood.  The video states that we are going to have to "embrace" this technology.  Genetic Engineering was, in my opinion, the reason that God implemented the flood on Earth - to get rid of the tainted DNA pool.  Noah was saved because he and his family alone were "perfect in his generations."   Although the hybrid human cow is supposed to help mankind with disease, my question is "Will this type of genetic engineering destroy mankind?'  Each cow is valued at a half of a million dollars.  How much is humanity worth?


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