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Who are the Illuminati - A secret society who conspire to rule the world and bring about a One World Order.  They are the movers and shakers secretly spinning their plans, whether it be the financial crisis or the next World War. 

Go to for an overview of the Illuminati and what they are really up to.  Yes, they want to rule the world, but they just don't want to rule so many of us humans. 

Video - John Todd on the Illuminati
John Todd, former Illuminati member who expsosed the Illuminati and went missing, never to be heard from again. 
Part 1                                                              Part 2


The Illuminati are tied to Babylon and Nimrod myths.  These bloodlines exist today.  Skull and bones  and secret societies linked to Illuminati plans to form a New World Order.  Knights Templar history and links to the Illuminati.  Marovinian bloodlines and links to the Morman church.

Jordan Maxwell talks on the Illuminati and Illuminati symbols.   The number 13 and its significance is explained.  See Bohemian owl on the dollar bill.   In 1944 the Federal Reserve Bank took over our monetary system.
 This video starts with the Sumarian and Babaonian societies which believe that the are decended from the Annunaki.  These bloodlines are trace throughout history leading to the present day.   The  present day practices at the Bohemian Grove honor these "Serpent Gods."

Illuminati in Hollywood
 Hollywood is ruled by the Illuminati.  Find out the Illuminati secret agenda hidden in movies. Batman the Dark Knight tells a dark tale of creating chaos by putting psychotropic drugs into the water system and then the government of Gotham/New York, brings order to chaos.   Many Illuminati plans exposed through our movies. 
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