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         Illuminati Symbols in Company Logos Videos

   You tube video -Monster Energy Drink -
Satanic/Illuminati symbol of 666 and the Anti-Christ

 Symbolgist exposes the "sacred"symbolism used in the media.  How the Illuminati use symbolism to corrupt our psyche.  He calls it magic to get you to control your mind.  This media sorcery is used by the Illuminati to control you.  Words, symbols, hand positions, colors, and light are used in this psychic warfare. 

 Illuminati symbolism all around us, ancient sacred archetypes.  

  Satan worshiper explains Illuminati symbols.  Compilation of Hollywood stars throwing Illuminati signs.  Interviews with singers such as Beonce explaining how "something has come into her."

Illuminati symbolism on the dollar bill and expert history of the Illuminati.  Ex- Illuminati member and Luciferian exposes the Rothchild connection.  

  Must See Video on the meaning of Illuminati symbols. 

  Illuminati Symbols in Movies.  It is alleged that the Illuminati control Hollywood, its actors and producers.  See how Illuminati symbols make it into the movies, t.v. shows and cartoons.  You won't believe where you will find Illuminati symbols, especially the eye of Horus or the "evil eye."

   Excellent Video on Illuminati symbols in movies and what they mean. There is an esoteric, or hidden meaning to these Illuminati symbols.  These Illuminati symbols are so ingrained into our culture (media) that we are hardly aware of these symbols when we see them.


Kazakhstan - New Illuminati Capital

When first we practice to deceive, oh what a tangled web we weave.  Kazakhstan was introduced to the American public in the movie Borat (2006), where we were led to believe it was a backward third world country.    The movie Borat depicted what they wanted the world to see about Kazakhstan.  But the capitol of Kazakhstan, Astana is one of the most advanced and modern cities in the world full of Illuminati symbolism of the New World Order.  


Kazakhstan is rumored to be the new "Illuminati" capital.  It is full of ancient Illuminati symbolism.  British architect, Lord Norman Forster designed and planned the city and its unique architecture.   Eighteen years ago, the city didn’t exist at all.  In 1997 President Nursultan Nazarbayev   moved the capital city from Almaty to Astana.  This carefully designed city is a Masonic/Illuminati work which glorifies Sun worship.  The presidential palace was built to look like the White House.  It mirrors the Masonic temple which sits behind two pillars Joachim and Boaz, (Sun and the Moon).  Kazakhstan’s golden pillars, as seen above, mirror the masonic pillars.  According to Manly P. Hall, Secrets of the Ages, “Joachim--the white pillar of light…Boaz--the shadowy pillar of darkness. …These two pillars respectively connote also the active and the passive…the sun and the moon…good and bad, light and darkness."  According to Wilmshurst, “…stand for what is known…as the"pairs of opposites." Everything in nature is dual and can only be known in contrast with its opposite…"   The blue and white squares on the floor represent this same duality.  In A Tarot Dictionary, Sandra A. Thompson says, “The pattern is related to the number two …the bipolar nature of earthly existence and/or the dual paths (positive/negative; good/evil; light/darkness…"


The pyramid is the most obvious Illuminati symbol, representing Sun Worship dating back to ancient times.  Kazakhstan’s pyramid is called The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.  It stands 77 meters tall.
The number 7 is associated with God, and with Divine completion and perfection.  7 x 11 = 77, eleven stands for judgment and disorder in the Bible.  However, to the Masons/Illuminati, seven signifies the union of God (#3) and man (#4) times the number 11.  Is this the order out of chaos written on our one dollar bill?  Does the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation represent the unification of man and God which will bring about the New World Order? 



Cassaro, Richard,


Illuminati and Satanic Symbols

The All-Seeing Eye, the Eye of Horus, Symbols of the Illuminati and Symbols of Freemasonry

View Logos depicting the All Seeing Eye. The companies are not evil, but they have choosen the symbol of the All Seeing Eye to represent their company. The All Seeing Eye symbol has an arcane history dating back to ancient Egyptian mythology. The All Seeing Eye represents the Egyptian "God" Horus. It is also referred to as the Eye of Providence. The All Seeing Eye symbol is also found in Buddhism and is referred to as the Eye of the World.


All Seeing Eye, Satanic Symbols, Illuminati Symbols, the Eye of Horus
 CBS or the Columbia Broadcasting System uses the Illuminati or Satanic Symbol of the All Seeing Eye as their company logo.


            Illuminati Symbol, Satanic Symbol, All Seeing Eye
Aol uses a thinly veiled Satanic Symbol of the Eye of Horus inside a pyramid to represent their company.  


Illuminati Symbol, Satanic symbol, Eye of Horus, Satanic Symbols in Company Logos

This is a logo for a government agency using the Illuminati symbol of the unfinished pyramid with the eye of Horus as the capstone.  In the picture beams of light are shooting out to illuminate or spy on the world. 



 illuminati symbol, satanic symbolNot only does Time Warner use the Illuminati Symbol or the All Seeing Eye, they actuall use the Egyptian styling of the spiral for the iris.  The eye is alluding to the Egyptian God Horus.  This is a reminder that Time Warner is always watching. 

illuminati symbol, satanic symbol, eye of horus
 This is the logo for the European Union.  The entire logo is the Eye of Horus with the stars of the flag forming the iris.  The European Union deliberately chose this symbol to represent them and their Illuminati agenda.

This is a veileilluminati symbols, satanic symbols, eye of horusd Satanic/Illuminati symbol, combined with the Mason's square. George Lucas' name is written within the Mason's square. The primitively drawn man is holding out his hands to form the bottom of the eye. The head forms the iris, while the arc across forms the upper part of the eye. This symbolism is clear and intentional. You could speculate that the two thin legs form the Masonic compass. I question that with all the money George Lucus has made, why would he use a "primitively" drawn man in his logo. This had to be an intentional choice, perhaps to conceal his Masonic and Illuminati affiliation.

illuminati symbol

The office of Naval Intelligence is using the watchful eye of Horus (see the pupil in the middle and the iris surrounding the pyramid the middle) for their logo. 

illuminati symbols, eye of horus, nickelodeon logoThis Nickelodeon logo intended for our children is full of Illuminati symbols.  It contains the eye of Horus, pyramids and the "Zeus" thunderbolt. 


Illuminati symbolThis is the logo for the European Union.  The entire logo is the Eye of Horus with the stars of the flag forming the iris.  The European Union deliberately chose this symbol to represent them and their Illuminati agenda.

 Illuminati Symbols in Company Logos

  Must See Video on the meaning of symbols. 


seal of colorado
The Official State Seal of Colorado contains the Eye of Horus contained within a pyramid eminating rays o light. Explore the significance of the of Colorado and the New world Order.  What role does Colorado play in the plan for the New World Order? What does Ayn Rand say about Colorado in Atlas Shrugged? Coincidence? Or a well crafted plan revealed in a book published over 50 years
ago. Denver Airport in Colorado has been the center on controversy because of its prophetic murals of world destructon and rebirth. It is alleged that the Queen of England has purchased land in the surrounding area of the Denver Airport. 
 Seal of Colorado

denver airport, denver airport conspiracyColorado continues to show up at the heart of the New World Order Conspiracy.  Denver Airport has blatent enigmatic symbology throughout the airport.  A huge blue stallion sculpture with red glowing eyes greats visitors as they drive to the gates.  Many Denver residents refer to the horse as the Devil Horse or Satan's Stallion.  The City of Denver commissioned artist Luis Jimenez to create the sculpture in 1992.  The cost ws $300,000.  The artist, Luis Jimenez was killed when part of the sculpture collapsed and fell upon him.  This pale blue Mustang proved to be the Destroyer and Bringer of Death to its artist.  Over 7,000 residents of Denver started a facebook petition to remove the ominous sculpture.  The sculpture remains today "welcoming" guests. 

denver airport, denver airport conspiracy, new world airport commissionThe most blatent symbolism linking the Freemasons/Illuminati to the Denver Airport is the cornerstone depicting the masonic square and compass.  The cornerstone is dedicatd by the New World  Airport Commission.  The New World Airport Commission does not exisist - at least not as a company, charitable institution or government agency today.  The capstone was dedicated 3/19/1994.  If you add up all of the numbers in the dedication date  March 1+9+1+9+ 9 +4  you get the number 33.  Thirty three is an important number in Freemasonry.  It represents perfectio and the highest degree in Masonry you can hold.

Denver residents tdenver airport, denver airport conspiracy, denver airport muralsax dollars paid for this mural at Denver Airport.  In the background you can see the twin towers broken and burnng on the right.  Mothers with dead babies on the left.  A little girl lying dead in a coffin and a futuristic military soldier holding a machine gune and a sword with its tip studk in a dove's butt.  You can see the unnatural rainbow path of light streaking through the dakened sky.  The scene is just down rigt scary. 




All Seeing Eye In Hollywood
illuminati symbols, satanic symbols, illuminati symbols in hollywood
This is a scene from the Pink Panther Series. A picture of the All-Seeing Eye is displayed above the lamp i th background. The Eye represents the Eye of Horus. A picture of the right eye is suppsed to represent the sun., the left eye, the moon. Hollywoo has been injecting thes occult symbols for over 50 years.

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