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Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar consists of three concentical circles which mark the passage of time.  The outer ring is called the Haab.  It is comprised of 19 months.  Eighteen of the months are 20 days long, and one is only 5 days long.  Each of the 19 glyphs represents a personality much like the zodiac system.  The yearly calendar is incredibly accurate, only being off by .2422 of a day.  The next ring is the Tzolkin is called the Sacred Round.  The Sacred Round represents 260 days which are broken up into 20 periods made of thirteen day intervals.  It is thought that the Sacred Round marks Mayan religious and ceremonial holidays.   The third circle of the Mayan calendar is the long count.  The long count represents 2,880,000 days or 7,885 years.  The mayan calendar is believed to start on August 11, 3114 BC, known as the day of creation.  The Mayans believe that every cycle of the long count represents a destruction and rebirth of the world. 
Mayan Calendar
Video of the Mayan Ruins at Tulum.  Tour Guide, Manuel, explains that the Mayan culture still exists even though they abandoned their cities and temples.  He explains the significance of the mayan temple at Tulum and how it relates to the Mayan calendar. 

Mayan Calendar foretold in Bible Code.
  The Mayan Calendar explained, including the explainations of both Mayan calendars.  Yes, there are two calendars hat fit together like the gears of a watch wheel. 
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