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Nephilim evidence and Genetic War

The Archon Invasion The Nephilim


Nephilim - Hybrid offspring of the Fallen Angels

  History of the Nephilim, Sons of Fallen Angels, Giants, Mighty Men of Old, Cannibals who ravaged the Earth, Hybids, and Fallen Angels. The Nephilim are a race of Giants born from the Sons of God and Daughters of men.

     Giants - Watchman Video Broadcast Part 1
                                               History of the Giants in the Bible.  There were giants in those days and also after that.  The giants were the sons of the fallen angels and humans.  These giants were the men of reknown.  The giants had their own religion and spread it amongst humans. 

 Giants - Watchman Video Broadcast Part 2
Giants who built temples or pyramids.  There is the temple of Kukulcan (feathered flying serpent) was built so that on the equinox it appears that the serpent is descending down the pyramid.  The bible tells us that it was the giants who built these temples.   

Giants - Watchman Video Broadcast Part 3  Mike Hoggard explains who the giants were.  Giants are hybrids, being part god and part man, or what mythology would call a demigod. 

Who are the Nephilim, giants, nephilim

Bible Probe

Biblical history of the Nephilim from the Bible. The site explains the flood as God's plan to stop Satan from tainting the gene pool with DNA of the fallen angels. The result of the cross-breeding between humans and these fallen angels were the Nephilim.

  Giants - Steven Quayle is interviewed by Coast to Coast.  Giants and the Illuminati plan to resurrect the Nephilim.  Steven Quayle talks about hybrid killing machines with molars the size of your fist.  The Giant Titans were chained up until the end times when these giants are loosed.  Steven Quayle reveals underground lares of these Giants who lies in stasis.

   Giant Skeletons found in India.  Ancient Indian texts tell a history of giants. 

Nephilim, Watchers, Sons of God and Daughters, giants of Men
NW Creation 
Contains all biblical references to the Nephilim, including Enoch. Links the Gods of Greek mythology to the "Giants" of the Bible.


Giants,  Nephilim, Watchers, Sons of God and Daughters of Men

 This site is for the advanced study of the Watchers and their offspring the Nephilim.  The site contains a plethora of archived information on everything from the DNA manipulation which begat the Nephilim to the Watchers themselves.  Thought provoking reading explores topics such as the Anunnaki, the sons of the Serpent Tribe, genetic manipulation, the Nephilim and much, much more.

Who are the Watchers and Nephilim of Genesis 6

Deliriums Realm  
Great website on the Fallen Angels and their offspring, the Nephilim.
Look up references in the bible to each of the Nephilim. 





Nephilim and their Return, Giants

 The Watchers Files 

New website linking the Watchers and the Nephilim to the UFO conspiracy. Radio and you tube links.This site is as attractive as it is interesting. Fun site.



YouTube Video

  History of the Watchers/Nephilim

Giants Returning Video 1 Ezekiel 13 - Magic bands worn on the hands, legs or head with the power to bind souls.  Explanation of giants being bound and held in stasis.  In end times the bands will be loosed. 

Nephilim Giants Returning Video 2 - Giants already loosed underground at Dulce New Mexico.   "Just as in the days of Noah" the Giants will be loosed. 


Nephilim Giants Returning Video 3 - Technology announced that can control peoples thoughts.  Mystical gates open at Babylon when it is destroyed.  A Stargate will open and the offspring of the Watchers, (giants), will come back.  Chief of the giants who warred against God can come back from the dead to be reanimated.  Gilgamesh was a giant and thought to be the same person that the Hebrews called Nimrod.  The Military was at Gilgamesh grave site within hours of its discovery.  The military guarded and removed the remains.


 Nephilim Giants Returning Video 4 - Mayan and Eastern Islander disappearance explained as being eaten out of existence.  Cannibalism explains mysterious disappearance of advanced society.  Gilgamesh/Nimrod started to become a Giborham/Giant through genetic changes.  Our dna has a harmonic signature that the Giborham hunt people using their sonic signature.



Nephilim Giants Returning Video 5 -Iran and Iraq, why we are there.  Transhumanism, stargates and new modes of perception.  Heaven above our heads, man's belief that he can meet with God on the mountain tops.  Size of the Giants discussed - 18-36 feet.  Mental and psychic abilities of Giants strong enough to "melt your mind."

Nephilim Giants Returning Video 6 - Every culture around the world has a central theme includes the giants.  Giants attributed with the building of the pyramids and great structures of ancient times.  Native americans fought the giants, trapping them in a cave.  Ronald Reagan's United Nations speech discussed. 


Nephilim Giants Returning Video 7 - "Cydonia, Secret Chronicles of Mars,"  book explained that Mars is a prison planet where the fallen angels are bound.  Interesting conjecture on government knowledge of what is on Mars and why our Rovers are disappearing. 

DNA and the Nephilim.  Scientific Proof!



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