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Secret Societies


illuminati, illuminati bloodline, bohemian groveFind out who the Illuminati are. The Illuminati are the power brokers behind the scenes running the politics of the world.  The Illuminati are the men who tell the President what to do.   Discover their not so secret agenda to bring about a New World Order.  Their agenda is not a secret because it is printed on every dollar bill - Novus Ordo Seclorum.  Who are the thirteen bloodlines that rule the world behind the scenes?  The Illuminati's agenda is to significantly reduce the global population, and create a one world currency in order to control the population.  Get the history of the Illuminati and their ties to secret societies from the Knights Templar to the Freemasons. The Illuminati has many arms.  One of the strongest arms are the Freemasons who "speak" in symbols.  Those symbols are ancient. archaic and hold more meaning than you could imagine.  Many of these symbols point to the "ancient mysteries."  The Freemason's use of the Hand of the Mysteries was used in Dan Brown's "Lost Symbol."   

Illuminati Symbols

illuminati symbols, satanic symbols, eye of horus, pentagram, square and compass
The numbers, symbols, and ritual have meaning. Companies use Illuminati symbols to advertise their products and companies. These symbols are Satanic.  The word Illuminati refers to light and wisdom.  Satan was the "light bearer" who tempted Eve, bringing the knowledge of good and evil to mankind.  These symbols are ingrained in our society and are used to desensitize you to their use.  Find out what companies use these symbols either knowingly or unknowingly.  The Illuminati symbols have one big theme - the ancient mysteries.  Find out what these Illuminati symbols are trying to show you.  

Atlas Shrugged
atlas shrugged, illuminati, illuminati plan

Find out about the book that foretold the 911 terrorist attack on September 11th, and the current financial crisis.  Atlas Shrugged actually spells out the reason the Illuminati have ruined the world economy and what they hope to gain from it - The New World Order.  Any Rand, the author was the Mistress of a notorious Illuminati member who was asked to write this Illuminati Manifesto. 

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