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Secrets of Washington DC

The secrets of Washington DC are hidden in plain sight.  

Washington Monument SecretThe Washington Monument is a man made obilisk.  The obilisk is a symbol of the missing appendage of the Egyptian God Osiris.  The Washington Monument is a phallic symbol that the Egyptian Goddess Isis searches for in order to put her husband back together after he was destroyed by being ripped into pieces by his brother Set.  Isis finds the pieces and breathes life back into him long enough to have a son Horus.  Why would America choose this "pagan" symbol as its monument for Washington D.C.?  As seen in the reflecting pool the Washington Monument aslo symbolizes the "Illuminati" theme of "as above, so below." 

UFOs over Washington D.C.

Find out what is going on underneath the streets of Washington D.C. Excellent article on the Masonic History of Washington D.C. This article is well written and intriguing. What is the correlation between three national monuments and Orion's belt? Find out what is really going on under the streets of Washington DC. This is a must read article.
Satanic Symbols in Washington D.C.
See all of the pagan and Satanic symbolism incorporated into the design and layout of Washington D. C.

Pierre Charles L’Enfant was the architect that proposed the map for Washington D.C. in 1791.  He was a freemason.  The best secrets are hidden in plain sight.  This is the case of the secret in the streets of Washington D.C...  The layout of the streets of the city, form an inverted five pointed star.  This is very significant to occultists, representing Lucifer.  .  The five pointed star represents the powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water combined with Lucifer, representing the fifth point.   The star is surrounded by a pentagram, a figure occultists use to conjure Satan.  Many might say that this is coincidence, and that all streets form geometric shapes, but the streets of Washington D.C. were meticulously planned.  This 5 pointed star represents the Goat head of Mendes.     The northern paints of the star are at Logan’s circle and DuPont Circle.  To the west is Washington Circle.  To the east is Mt. Vernon.   The southern- most point is the White House.  A pentagram surrounds the star.  Washington. DuPont, Scott and Logan Circle make up four of the points of the pentagram.  The other two points are Mt. Vernon Square or the White House. 


Capitol BuidingThe capitol building forms the apex of the Masonic compass. 

Statue on top of the Capital


The House of the Temple or the Head of the Scottish Rite of Free Masonry is located thirteen blocks north of the White House.  The number 13 has enormous significance in the occult, or illuminati.  Thirteen is the number of rebellion against God.  It also represents 7+6, which is the union of Heaven and Earth, or the union of God and man.  This symbology  represents the fallen angels coming to earth and mingling with the daughters of men.  Their offspring were the Giants, hybrids represented in Greek and Roman mythology.    The ellipse of the white house forms the top part of an Egyptian ankh.

The Washington monument is an obelisk located directly west of the Capitol building.  The obelisk is a symbol of the Egyptian pagan god Osiris.  When his body was torn apart and scattered, his wife and sister goddess Isis found all of his parts except for the phallus.  The obelisk is a phallic symbol of Osiris.  Washington D.C. is one of three city states in the world.  Each one of these city states has its own obelisk. 

The Washington monument was built from 36,000 granite blocks.  That is 12 X 3,000.    The capstone weights exactly 3,300 pound, which is 3 x 1100.  Inside the Washington monument there are 188 memorial stones.  Thirty-five memorial stones donated by the Masons are placed at the 330 foot level.   The sight windows of the monument total 39 square feet which is 3X13.  Both the White House and Capitol face the obelisk, signifying both branches of government serving the spirit of the pagan god.  The obelisk can be seen in the reflecting pool.  This is very significant to the illuminati as it represent the theme of “as above, so below,” or the fusion of opposites such as Heaven and Earth.   

The Capitol building sits on grounds that have the imprint of a symbol of the rose.  The rose symbol goes back to the Rosicrusians and has Masonic ties.  The rose represents secrecy. 

The layout of Washington D.C. follows the tenets of sacred geometry.  It essentially functions as both a clock and a calendar like the pyramids.

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