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There’s more to Serpent Mound that meets the eye.  No one knows for sure who built it or why.  The

visitors’ guide

states that the Great Serpent Mound is “…the world’s largest surviving example of an ancient animal 

effigy mound

.”  But in actuality, no one was ever buried inside of the serpent at Serpent Mound.  Near the Great Serpent Mound is a traditional burial hill-shaped burial mound. 

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The Great Serpent Mound Facts

  • Location:  3850 State Rte. 73 Peebles, Ohio 45660
  • 1,348 feet long
  • Sits atop a 4 mile wide crater, which was formed by an ancient meteorite impact.
  • In the center of the crater the dolomite bedrock has been pushed up 1,000 feet.
  • Throughout the bowl of the crater there are faults and fissures with places where the rock layers are jumbled. and upside down. 

The bedrock under serpent mound is comprised of dolomite. 
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