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What are subliminals?  Subliminals are information perceived by the brain, but not noticed by the conscious mind.  You are being bombarded by subliminal messages everytime you turn on the tv, read a magazine or go to the movies.  It is very hard to get information on subliminal messages used in advertising because of the disinformation campaign that has been launched to hide their agenda.  Subliminals have been in use since the 1930's.  Since then the methods haven't changed much but the prevalance of subliminal messages in advertising has grown astronomically.  Why do adverisers use subliminal messages?  The scientific information is not readily available to the public.  What we know is that the conscious mind can only process about 5-9 pieces of information at a time.  However, the subconscious mind can take in over 20,000 pieces of information simultaneously.  The subconscious mind "sees" everything although we are consciously unaware of it.  So accessing the subconscious mind through subliminal messages plants the seeds of ideas that we are unaware of.  Logically, if these subliminal messages were ineffective or had no impact on human behavior, advertisers would not be employing them to sell their goods, or promote their agendas.  A poster for George Bush Jr. has the words obey written over his forehead. 


Best Subliminal Message in Advertising Website

Subliminal messages are explained in depth as well as the impact of these subliminal messages on the psyche.  Excellent examples of subliminal messages from the past to their current use in movies such as Harry Potter, political campaigns and in cartoons from Disney which use these subliminal messages to indoctrinate the children of the world.  Be prepared to be schocked by the unbridled use of subliminal messages in movies and cartoons as innocuous as the Lion King to the Satanic such as the Exorcist.  Find out how filmmakers use subliminal audio messages as well to heighten the terror you will experience at the movies. 
Derrick Brown exposes subliminal messages and how advertisers can tap into our subconscious mind to implant ideas .  This is a fascinating video on the world of subliminal advertising.  
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