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UFO Evidence throughout History

Pictoral evidence that UFOs have existed for over 17,000 years.  Starting with cave paintings dated from 17,000 BC, UFOs have been dipicted by man from all four corners of the earth.  The same saucer shaped image in the sky has been documented by prehistoric man, drawn and sculpted throughout history and photographed since the 1800s.  The clear evidence proves that UFOs exist.  The question is what have people been seeing in the sky since prehistoric times.  Go to the Bible Prophecy tab (Mother of all Secrets) to find out what these UFOs really are.

UFO evidence, Oldest cave painting with UFO
This is the oldest known cave painting depicting UFOs.  The painting shows two saucer shaped UFOs.  This cave painting was found in Tanzia, Africa, and has been dated 29,000 years old. 


Oldest UFO evidence, UFO cave painting,

This is one of the oldest known cave painting depicting a UFO.  It was found in France  and dates between 17,000 - 15,000 BC.  The cave painting contains pictures of realistic animals with this strange rendering in the midst of it all.  There are three UFOs in the picture.  The UFO in the back is a typical saucer -shaped UFO that we will see dipicted in artwork throughout history.  The two UFOs in the foreground are more of a triangular shape and are dipicted with lines between them either indicating movement of the second UFO or beams of light indicating a battle.  The most disturbing image is the figure resembling a grey alien with an oddly shaped head and slanted eyes.  The figure has an elongated torso with a tail.  Several appendages protrude from the figure. 

UFO evidence, Dropa StonesUFO evidence, Dropa discThese are the dropa stones.  They are approximately 12,000 years old and were found in a cave with petroglyphs of the Earth, Sun and the Moon.  The discs were grooved with lines like a modern day record.  Dr. Tsum Um Nui discovered that they were not lines but almost microscopic heiroglyphics.  He published his findings in 1962 and was ridiculed and discredited by academia. The story the dropa stones tell gives evidence of UFOs.   The disc says that the Dropa were on a probe ship that crashed.  The Dropa were stranded and used the caves for shelter.  They were unable to repair their ship.  Since then over 750 stones have been found.  According to Wikipedia, several discs were shipped to Russia where they were studied.  When the discs where spun they created an unusual vibration and rhythm.  

UFO cave painting, UFO pictograph France, UFO in cave painting

These four saucer-shaped UFOs were found in a cave in Niax, France.  The drawings date back to 16000 BC.  These simplistic shapes effectively use color to denote good and evil.  The higher UFOs are white and the lower UFOs are black.  Perhaps these represent two warring factions of extra-terrestrials.  The arching lines behind the black UFO effectively represent the direction of movement or flight.  In the case of the white UFO the lines would indicate upward flight.

UFO evidence, UFO cave painting
This petroglyph from 6,000 BC. was found in Tassili, North Africa.  The helmeted figure appears to be wearing what appears to be a space suit.  In the sky above the alien in the right hand corner is a saucer-shaped UFO.  Behind the alien and to the left there is shape that could be interpreted as a worm-hole or vortex. 

UFO evidence, UFo in ancient cave painting This cave painting is from 5,000 BC. Four figures are below an UFO.  Some archeologists say that the image is that of the sun.  However the circles on the "sun" negate that this is a simplistic drawing of the sun. There is no detail in the stick figures, yet the sun is depicted with sun spots that primitive man would not be able to see with the naked eye.  There is also a cross-like figure circling the top of the object.  Although this painting can be interpreted in many ways the beems of light illuminating only the ground under the feet of two of the figures indicates that this UFO is emitting a beam of light. 

ufo cave painting, prehistoric cave painting of UFOThis cave painting from India looks as if it came from a 1950s sci-fi comic book, yet it is 3,000 years old.  This panting depicts an alien in a space suit with a helmet and eyeshield.  The saucer shaped vehicle is in the middle right edge of the painting with downward sloping lines indicating downward movement.  Three objects are falling from the craft.  At the top of the painting is a eerily familiar image of a worm-hole/vortex.

UFO cave painting, UFO cave painting China
This cave painting from about 2000 BC> was ound near the Russian-Chinese border.  This intricate painting is another that could have been published in a 1950's comic book. The alien in the middle of the picture looks like a typical "little green men" rendition of aliens from the 50's., complete with the round helmet and antenae.  There are two suns, one in the upper right and the other in the middle left.  The ground is barren and craggy, depicting a much different landscape than that of Earth.  Above the alien is a UFO lifting off. In the foreground is a "Picassoesqu"  head which has many elements.  The shape of a helmet can be seen with an alien head contorted inside it.  The helmet also has a protrusion which is similar to an electrical plug from modern times.  On the chest of this figure is a dial or mechanical device that it is manipulating with a gloved hand.  One of the most intriguing parts of this picture is the gloved hand.  It clearly has a symbol or emblem stiched or stamped into it.  Also note the chord or hose hanging from the round device. 

Ufo evidence, evidence of ufos, ancient ufos, ancient egyptian helicopter
This Egyptian cartouche depicts carvings of what can only be described as flying machines.  Some look like UFOs, but the carving in the upper left hand side resembles a military Apache helicopter.  The cartouche was found at the Temple of Osiris at Adydos, Egypt.  It was ignored by Egyptologists from the time they were discovered in 1948.  In the 1990s tourists photographed the UFO's and posted them on the internet.  Today Egyptologist dismiss the images, claiming that they are an optical illusion.  They claim that the figures were made accidentally by carving certain heiroglyphics over others over time.  

UFO evidence, painting of Ezekial's wheel
According to the Bible, in 539 BC, Ezekiel had a dreamwhere he see a whirlwind come from the north.  The whirlwind bring a flying craft like a wheel within a wheel.  This passage has been interpreted as a gyroscope type orb as seen in this painting interpreting what Ezekiel saw.  

UFO evidence, ancient airplaneThis gold sculpture found in South America is dated between approximately 500 and 800 BC.  The airplane like structure has a vertical stabilizer, a windshield, and a cockpit complete with a seat and knobs. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            These UFO evidence, UFO native american petroglyphspetroglyphs were made thousands of years ago by the ancient American Indians of the Southwest.

UFO Evidence, UFOs att Alexander the Great's army This painting depicts the tale of UFO interference in Alexander the Great's conquest of Tyre in 332 AD.  According to written accounts, "the flying shields spit fire around the rims and dove down scaring the elephants and horses."  Alexander's generals were so alarmed by the encounter that they refused to continue the battle and retreated.  It was sid that these UFOs flew in a triangular formation. 

UFO evidence, Pascal sarcophogusFound in the Temple of Inscriptions at Pelenque in Southern Mexico.  This artwork was carved on a monolithic stone lid weighing about 5 tons.  Ancient astronaut theorists see king Pacal seated with a neck support with his foot on a pedal.  His hand is poised to throw a lever.  He has some type of breathing apparatus at his nose.  Archeologists interpret the lid as representing Pacal's journey through the underworld. 

UFO evidence, Ancient Alien sculptureThere is little information about this Mayan sculpture found in Tikal, Guatamala.  This helmeted figure resembles a modern day astronaut complete with a breathing apperatus.  There is also a mechanical dial on his chest.  This sculpture has become the icon for the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series.

UFO evidence, Saxon UFO
This latter day painting is an interpretation of a UFO event that occurred in 776.  The account is as follows: "... and the same day, while they (the Saxons) were preparing for another assault against the Christians who were living in the castle, the glory of God manifested itself above the church inside the fortress. Those who were watching in the square outside - many of which still live today - said that they saw something resembling two large flaming shields of reddish color moving above the church itself." (Annales Laurissenses Maiores, in MGH SRG 6, p. 44).

UFO Evidence, vimanasThis Tibetin drawing is from the 10th century.  This is from a translation of an Sanskrit text called the Prajnaparamita Sutra.

UFO Evidence, UFO in Miracle of the SnowFrom the 1400's this painting, Miracle of the Snow depicts Christ and Mary riding on a saucer shaped cloud.  Behind them are a fleet of UFOs. 

UFO Evidence, UFO in the AnnunciationIn this famous painting by Carlo Crivelli painted in 1486, a saucer-shaped UFO is sending a beam of light directly at Mary.  The Annunciation is defined by Miriam Webster dictionary, is the commemeration of the Incarnation to the Virgin Mary. 

UFo EvidenceThe main figure in these two 15th century tapestries is the Virgin Mary.  In the background of both of these tapestries you can clearly see the hat-shaped UFO flying in the background.  This is the same type of saucer shaped object that people see in modern times. 

UFO evidence, UFO in tapestry

UFO Evidence, UFO in 15th century tapestryIn this tapestry from 1538 called Summer's Triumph, a saucer shaped UFO can be seen in the background. 

UFO Evidence, Glorification of the EucharistPainted in the year 1600, "The Glorification of the Eucharist: , depicts God and Jesus sitting with a UFO between them.  This object closely resembles a 1950's satellite.  Each diety is portrayed holding one of the antenae which seems to connect them.  The object has a small round apperature at the bottom which looks like the lens of a camera or telescope.  Although this is not your typical saucer-shaped UFO, one has to wonder, what is a 1950s satellite doing in a painting from the 1600s? 

UFO evidence, UFO battle over Nuremberg

This woodcutting depicts the UFO battle in the skies over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561.  According to newspaper accounts, The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects from which red, black, orange and blue white disks and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared whereupon the objects promptly "began to fight one another." 

UFO evidence, UFOs over Basel SwitzerlandThis woodcutting from 1566 depicts a UFO incidend in Basel, Switzerland.  According to witness Samuel Coccious, 'Many became red and fiery, ending by being consumed and vanishing', "At the time when the sun rose, one saw many large black balls which moved at high speed in the air towards the sun, then made half-turns, banging one against the others as if they were fighting a battle out a combat, a great number of them became red and igneous, thereafter they were consumed and died out."

UFO evidence, UFO on French coin from the 1600's A classic saucer-shaped UFO is depicted on this French coin from the 1600's. 
This coin was not minted for monetary exchange, but used as a token in board games and was used to teach children how to count money.

UFO evidence, UFO over John the Baptist and ChristPainted in 1710, this painting called "The Baptism of Christ," was painted by Aert De Gelder.  It depicts a faintly visible UFO hovering above Christ and John the Baptist.  The UFO is casting for beams of light illuminating Christ and John the Baptist flooding them in light.










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