Sometimes, you have to take a step back to realize what others DON’T have -- and what you
DO have. A dialogue with a young woman, recently arrived here in the U.S. from Krygyzstan
(pronounced KURG-iss-stan) brought this to mind.

In speaking of the riots suddenly exploding all over major U.S. cities, in an obviously
orchestrated, strategically planned and outside funded event, she saw a familiar scenario
reminding her of riots and the path to the loss of freedom in her “motherland”. As we talked
about the violence and chaos, she stated, “Am agree with you” in her broken English, “riots
planned a way long time ago.”. . .for ex: Lenin he was planning it while he lived in Europe
with help of second and third countries.”

Fast forward to the present, listen up: you have heard the voice of experience, people: George
Floyd was a mere pawn for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. If his death was about racism,
why were there two BLACK COPS standing by watching? No, his death was to cover up a “dirty
cop” (four of them) deal gone bad. His death was used to get the BLM anarchy ball rolling.
BLM is the violent arm for the Socialist/Democrats/New World Order/elites. It begs the question,
if “black lives matter”, why would the Democrats defund the police: as Charles Barkley said, “If
the police are gone, who will black people call -- ghost busters?” and if “black lives matter”, why
are innocent black business owners having their businesses destroyed, like the man who
opened up his life-long dream of a sports bar, and crying on tv, watched the protesters burn his
life down?

It is true that there are bad cops, but they are a MINORITY. As Charles Barkley said, “Getting
rid of the police is not the answer, police reform is the answer. . . .black people need the police.”
Please people: if “black lives matter”, then ABANDON “Black Lives Matter”.

Narnia Girl


Where are all the bodies??

If a person sat, glassy-eyed in front of their flat-screen window to "reality",  you could believe that people are dying everywhere, as in the 1918 flu epidemic.  A close study of which, by the way, could give you an excellent lesson in what a REAL epidemic looks like, compared to this (Tony)  Fauci fiasco.  Look at THAT epidemic and you will realize frantic news reports do NOT an epidemic make.

I happened to research the 1918 flu epidemic a couple years ago, so when this COVID thing happened and it did NOT look like the REAL epidemic of 1918,  I could smell a rat. I KNEW it was fake. Sure, there are a few COVID cases from the inept gene-slicers of Wuhan:  they were sincerely TRYING to kill us all, but they failed miserably.  What we have is something that only kills in the numbers of an ordinary yearly influenza.
But why does China have so many people dying, you ask?  Don't you remember how the Chinese Communist Party was fighting for its life last Fall?  Millions of people were fervently hoping and praying and organizing for freedom; they were marching for freedom in the streets;  the Chinese people had NEVER risen up en masse like this before; the government was losing control, they had to do SOMETHING. . .and along, conveniently, came the COVID.  Suddenly people were being hauled out of their homes, screaming and fighting (not too sick with THAT level of resistance), ostensibly to be taken to quarantine, in reality they were murdered and their organs harvested.  Check this out with the Epoch Times newspaper which has underground news reporting on what's going on.  23 million people have disappeared under cover of COVID.  The strange fall-down deaths are not COVID, no one gets sick and dies like that. . .no, those deaths were generated by G5 phones which generate an intense jolt of electromagnetic waves, "cooking people" from the inside out.

There's more to say about the truth in China, but back to us and the  COVID delusion being spawned here:
I was out gathering signatures for R-90, and after signing,  a nurse blurted out:  "You DO realize this  COVID thing is all a hoax, don't you???"  She continued, "I work at a local hospital and we don't have ANY cases:  zero  -- nada -- none!!!  It is all a big fat, hoax!!!"

When I got home, I call up a friend who works in Tacoma, near the Tacoma General Hospital.  I  tell her what the nurse said, and she exclaims, "Oh, wow, this makes SENSE!!!  Every day, Monday through Friday, on my breaks and lunch, I walk around the hospital and for months now, ever since this broke out, they have had white hospital tents set up outside the hospital to deal with COVID  --  and EVERY DAY there is no one there!  No patients!!! Only very bored doctors and nurses!!!"

Then I remembered how it was reported on YouTube that President Trump sent in a 1,000 bed army field hospital to Seattle, in Century Link Field. This was because Anthony Fauci assured him all over the country hundreds of thousands would be engulfed in the epidemic.  But that field hospital was torn down in NINE DAYS because NOT ONE COVID patient showed up in all of Seattle and beyond!  

I explained all this to my sister-in-law, and SHE said, "Well, my son is down in L.A. and he documented, with a video camera, walking all around the perimeters of hospitals down there, filming those temporary white tents, and there are NO COVID patients!!!"

So, back up here in Washington state, to my town of Puyallup:  my friend tells me she happened to talk to an employee of a FUNERAL HOME and guess what?  Can you guess?  The employee says, "Ever since this COVID thing started we have had NO BODIES, NONE, coming in due to COVID from Puyallup.   We had ONE body which came down from King County (Seattle area), so absolutely no one died in the Puyallup area in all this time, from COVID!!!"

So tell me, please:  where are all the bodies?

The people of Washington need to rise up and demand the state completely open:  and forget Fauci and the fakestream media crying in the Fall that the COVID has come again.  Don't you believe it.  Some people lie as easily as other people breathe.

Narnia Girl


In the furor over Washington State's new Comprehensive Sex Education Law, let's cut to the chase:

In a recent conversation with a retired CPS (Child Protective Services) worker, she stated:

It is VERY IMPORTANT for children not to have their innocence destroyed through introducing them to these graphic illustrations and role-playing sexual situations.  At CPS, when we see a child whose innocence is destroyed, we KNOW a pedophile has been at work.  That child shows up like a red light, among the others, and we know a pedophile is near.  But this new "comprehensive" sex ed curriculum destroys the innocence of whole schools of children - they become a "sea of red lights" -  so this makes it much harder to find a pedophile victimizing a child.
But here is a salient point:  a school teacher, with the sex ed curriculum, presents THE VERY SAME MATERIAL as a PEDOPHILE:  same material, same behavior encouraged.  Does this not mean teachers in the classroom have become pedophiles???
It is the same result:  the sexualization of young children.
Check out the sex ed curriculum at www.InformedParentsOfWashington.com

- Narnia Girl