"They Locked Up The Workers"

                               A Poem by Susan Shoemaker

                        Dedicated to my beautiful Washington State. God's Country!!!!!!!

                                                                                 Copyright 2020 Susan Shoemaker Static and Dynamic Content Editing

1. They locked up the workers, they locked up the queen, they let out the prisoners, the homeless – get seen!

2. In hotels… The finest, Ritz-Carlton LA, must give drugs and drink, for the street folk today!

3.The people are told, they must cover their face, their speech becomes muffled;  “March lockstep in place”!!

4. No school for the children, no shops to cut hair, yet doggy and kitty, can go for “groom fair”!!

5. You can’t go to church, nor communion partake, yet pot stores and liquor, big  money do rake!!!

6. No fishing, no hunting, no farming, no Zoo, no concert, no movie, no Winnie The Pooh!!

7. No picnics with family, your neighbor will snitch, and report your activities, no baseball to pitch!!!!

8.You must keep your distance, you must not engage, you must not give hugs, or the governor enrage!!

9. A book could not ever have foretold this fate, for even George Orwell, from death would awake!

10. The Seers and prophets, are silenced and numb, the people are blinded, and walk deaf and dumb.

11. This happened before, on fair Germany’s shore, when swatzika’s entered, the families home door.

12. Again in old Russia, the Bolsheviks sang; of ‘freedom and glory’, yet bloody swords rang!

13. The peasant, the poet, aristo, and priest, all sent to the Gulag, thrown out to the beasts!!

14. Stand up and be counted, Oh don’t sit and pine, awaken my people, To pay freedoms fine!

15. For you have been called for a ‘time such as this’ ,be brave and stout hearted, be faithful...resist!!

16. As Moses to Pharaoh As Esther to king, “ let go of my people”, Sweet freedom’s  song sing!!!!

17. Patrick Henry our hero, said “as long as My breath, Tho’ life-peace is sweet,  give me liberty or death”!!!!